About me

IMG_5301 I received my Bachelors and Masters at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina studying (undergrad) Eastern Bluebird and Tree Swallow interspecific competition and (Masters) Golden-winged and Chestnut-sided Warbler interspecific aggression under Dr. Lynn Siefferman.


Now I am at Tulane University in Dr. Jordan Karubian’s lab for my PhD and I study the evolution of female ornamentation of fairywrens of Papua New Guinea and Australia. I largely focus on White-shouldered Fairywrens (Malurus alboscapulatus), but also have interest in White-winged (M. leucopterus) and Red-backed Fairywrens (M. melanocephalus). My dissertation will focus on how ecology and sexual selection interact to shape the evolution of female communication (through ornamentation and birdsong).